Low Dose Naltrexone Miracles

Low Dose Naltrexone Miracles

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) was used in the study of drug and alcohol withdrawal to block opioid receptors in the brain. LDN prevents a man to experience pleasure. But it has been observed that when taken at bedtime, the effect was just temporary and that more opioids were produced. The opioid manufactured is called endorphin. The significance of the study showed that LDN can be used to successfully treat cases of autoimmune diseases, cancer and other illnesses.

One autoimmune disease where the use of Low Dose Naltrexone has been found very effective is with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). In MS, the immune system attacks the central nervous system. The brain and the spinal cord are damaged. This results to the loss of control over muscles and sensation. Other symptoms of MS are decreased coordination, hazy vision and eye pain, difficulty in controlling urination, muscle stiffness and problems on mental processes. The use of LDN to treat MS will relieve the patient with pain and fatigue. Moreover, occurrence of attacks will likely decrease because the progress of the disease stops. For those who have been presented to use LDN, majority, if not everyone responded positively with the treatment.

With regards to cancer, Low Dose Naltrexone is found to be effective in treating different types. However, it works best in treating breast cancer, gastrointestinal tract cancer, lymphoma, multiple myeloma and non-small cell lung cancer. Responses to the LDN treatment may take time to manifest but studies show that growth of cancer cells were reduced significantly and that tumors shrunk after months of LDN use. What’s more is that it can be used even if the patient undergoes chemotherapy or radiotherapy, which are costly cancer treatments. User Experience Design

Another illness where Low Dose Naltrexone is found to be an effective treatment is in HIV/AIDS. What is Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)? This is a type of virus infecting humans by destroying important body cells that fight disease and infection resulting to a weakened immune system. The human body has no way to get rid of HIV. And as time pass, HIV can destroy so much infection fighting cells that the immune body system is destroyed and the infection develops into its last stage called Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS. As a treatment, the use of LDN to patients with HIV was found to have a drop in the viral count infecting them.

All three disorders have one thing in common… the presence of low blood levels of endorphin. The human body produces endorphin by performing exercises which gives a pleasant feeling. But no matter how much a man exercises, he may still not have the required level of endorphin to maintain a healthy immune system. And this is what LDN does best… to increase the production of endorphin and then increase the healthy immune defense of the human body. car loans

Low Dose Naltrexone is cheap to manufacture. And since there has been no record of significant side effect , the use of LDN is encouraged. dvds for sale Note however that there is no assurance of a 100 per cent positive result for every treatment. But the use of LDN will give hope to patients of various disorders and diseases.

What To Watch Out For When Taking Low Dose Naltrexone
Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) for some years now is being used to treat various autoimmune diseases, cancer and illnesses. LDN is found to be helpful to increase the production of endorphin which plays an important role in keeping a healthy immune system. Recommendation of LDN use however does not mean that it is free from any side effect. Actually there are already noted side effects, which however minimal, would be helpful to know. buy dvd

To experience any side effect as a result of any medication is normal. outboard motors This is because the body has to adapt to the chemical reactions that take place inside the body as it respond to the medication. The increased level of endorphin manifests mild side effects over a short period of time. If patient has been taking strong analgesic for medication before using Low Dose Naltrexone, it is probable that side effect would be an increased sensitivity to pain or an allergic reaction. In order to avoid these side effects, it is advised to stop taking the analgesic for about two weeks before starting any LDN medication. party venues brisbane

Other side effects are sleep disturbances, disturbing nightmares, tiredness and fatigue, spasm, headaches, diarrhea or vomiting, mild agitation, weight loss due to loss of appetite, weight gain for having autoimmune related bowel disease, increase or decrease in blood pressure, increased sense of well being and confidence. Some even reported that sexual appetite may also increase. electric fence for dogs

The use of Low Dose Naltrexone of those who have Multiple Sclerosis may have a worse experience on stiffness of muscle or loss of muscle control, decreased coordination, eye pain, controlled urination and cognition. ecommerce Australia So as not to aggravate these experiences, it is advised that the initial dosage would be at 1.5 mg for the first month, 3.0 mg for the second month and the 4.5 mg for the following months. The gradual increase in dosage lets the body adapt to the effects of using LDN. Although dosage of LDN may vary depending on the disorder and illness, the effect still remains the same. It is possible that worse experience of symptom may recur. For best result to increase endorphin, Low Dose Naltrexone should not be taken with food in order to allow rapid release. And since high production of endorphin takes place during bedtime, LDN should be taken between 9 pm to 3 am. back pain treatment brisbane

The important thing to remember when Low Dose Naltrexone is used for medication, is the continuous use of it once it has manifested any improvement on the condition of the patient. This is because the sudden stop of taking the medication may result to the recurrence of the disorder or illness if medication is not resumed immediately. car finance And what’s worse is for the patient to once more experience the pains and symptoms which the disorder or disease have. It may even be traumatic for the patient to experience all of these again.

There is no perfect medication available to any disorder or illness. No matter how effective it is, a side effect will always exist. The important thing to know is what are the side effects. This is to know what to expect and maybe have ways to counter it in favor of the patient.

Facts About Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia Chart
Most women with age ranging from 35 to 55 may experience a frequent recurring pain which may involve the stiffness or the tenderness of muscles on both sides of the body. If this is the case, they may have a disease called Fibromyalgia Syndrome or simply fibromyalgia. An increase in pain may be experienced due to noise, weather change and emotional stress. Although the disease may also be experienced by men, it is more common to women. barking dog

With fibromyalgia, pain on the tendons and joints may also occur aside from the abdominal pain, chronic headaches and intolerable menstrual cramps. But no matter how widespread the pain is, it is not like any rheumatic condition which involves inflammation of tissues or damage the internal organs of the human body that may cause deformity. australian direct Other symptoms would be difficulty in sleeping, fatigue upon rising, extreme sensitivity to heat or cold, disturbance in bowel movement, frequent urination and numbness or tingling feeling in the different parts of the body. Lack of concentration, forgetfulness, a variety of mood swings, anxiety, depression and social isolation may also manifest in the behavior of the individual who has the syndrome. search engine optimization brisbane

The cause of having fibromyalgia is not known until this day. equipment finance There has been no particular laboratory test which can be used for fibromyalgia diagnosis. Because of the varied symptoms, a misdiagnosis is very possible. And in any case, a misdiagnosis will result to a wrong treatment or medication. Therefore when a doctor suggests any test, his main purpose is to eliminate the possibility of an individual to have a disease other than fibromyalgia since there are other diseases which possess similar symptoms. Diseases with similar symptoms are hypothyroidism, hyperparathyroidism and hypercalcemia, Paget’s disease, polymyositis, vitamin D insufficiency and several infections and cancers. protein powder

A test on thyroid hormone is for determination of hypothyroidism, a test on calcium level is for hyperparathyroidism and hypercalcemia, a test on alkaline phosphatase is for Paget’s disease, a test on CPK blood level is for polymyositis, a test on blood vitamin D level is for vitamin D insufficiency and a test on complete blood count and liver are for infections and cancer. wireless broadband providers

As for the treatment, a doctor must be able to determine if fibromyalgia is the only existing condition of the patient. This is to make sure that medication or treatment given on account of fibromyalgia will not be not be affecting or aggravating the other disease or illness which a patient has. car loans Plus the diversity of symptoms manifested in different patients require a unique program of treatment.

The over all consideration to treat a patient with fibromyalgia covers four areas. The treatment requires that a patient should be educated about fibromyalgia. He and the people around him should maintain an environment of minimal stress. The patient should keep up with an exercise program which should be approved by his doctor. And of course, the use of the medication which the doctor prescribes, one that should not have any adverse reaction with other medication that a patient is already taking. emergency response team

For any disease, illness or disorder, the best that can be received is moral support from those who love the patient. A treatment is only worth taking if the patient still wants to be treated.

What Makes A Fibromyalgia Treatment.
The chronic pain experience involving stiffness or tenderness of muscles, tendons and joints may be a symptom that an individual has the Fibromyalgia Syndrome. It is a disease where an individual needs to know about the disease because of the diverse symptoms it may manifest. He should know more on how to to cope up with stress. Once he decides to take treatment, he should be diligent in doing the exercise program approved by his doctor. And he should also be diligent in whatever instructions that his doctor gives regarding treatment and medication.

Just like in any other treatment program, a patient education is the first step to treat fibromyalgia. Knowledge on the symptoms will let him know that he is having an attack. And if he feels something new, then it would mean that he has to inform his doctor about it. This is because fibromyalgia has so much symptoms that can also be found in other sickness and illnesses.

Stress reduction is advisable to a patient of any disease who is going through a treatment. The family members of the patient will also feel a certain degree of stress. It is impossible to eliminate stress, but worries does not help in any treatment. And in the case of fibromyalgia, an individualized stress reduction program may be required because of the unique symptoms that each patient experiences.

Since fibromyalgia involves the stiffness or tenderness of muscles, tendons and joints, performing exercises will be beneficial for the patient. Breathing exercises and low impact aerobic exercises can be effective for the treatment of the disease. Done regularly on a daily basis may help the patient get enough sleep and may not feel the fatigue symptom when he wakes up. In addition, exercise produces endorphins which allows man to experience pleasure. This light feeling may help reduce the feeling of anxiety and depression. This also helps in the possible improvement on display of mood swings. car finance

To go along with exercise is diet. The only real thing to avoid is to have alcohol or caffeine a few hours before bedtime. Caffeine keeps an individual awake and that is not what a fibromyalgia patient needs. A regular balanced diet is what the patient needs except when he experiences a disturbance in bowel movement. His diet should not aggravate this condition.

The most effective medication for fibromyalgia treatment are antidepressants taken at bedtime. These help reduce fatigue, provide relief for muscle pains and spasm, promote a restful sleep and make patients more cheerful and awake. The use of analgesics as a medication also helps relieve painful soft tissues and muscle spasm. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may have limited benefits to treat fibromyalgia pain but are very effective for treating rheumatic conditions. bark collars

Electroacupuncture or standard acupuncture, and massage therapy are all reported to be effective in the treatment of fibromyalgia patients. These help manipulate muscles and tissues with gentle stretches, realigning connective tissues and soften the stiff muscles and tendons.

Some claim that there are other ways to treat fibromyalgia although the are no scientific basis for their claims. For those who choose to believe, it is their option. But the real issue here is for the patient to agree on a treatment that he is willing to go through.

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